Cascade ponds

Cascade ponds

- vegetation and animals that will live in it determine the depth of the reservoir. It must be borne in mind that they tend to grow and multiply, therefore, the space in the pond should be with a margin

- fish can exist in a pond with any bottom

- cleanliness in the reservoir should be carefully maintained, and the water should be filtered

- the underwater flora is a prerequisite for any pond inhabited by living creatures - this creates not only comfort in the reservoir, but also allows fish to find shelter on a hot sunny day.

When choosing pets for a pond, first of all, you need to accurately calculate their number in order to avoid overpopulation.

The garden has 3 ponds stretching from south to north. The length is 150, 60 and 155 m, the width is from 25 to 35 m. They are held by earthen dams 4 m high. The upper pond is located in a closed area, supported by a narrow dam. The shores are low, natural, on which oaks, maples, etc. grow. [5] Nizhny Korobkovsky pond or Krivoy Rog pond is located in a public area, has an oval shape with a wavy coastline. It is supported by an earthen embankment 50 m wide. Oaks, maples, willows grow nearby [6].

Currently, the Korobkovsky Garden is located on the territory belonging to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Sovkhoz im. XXI Congress of the CPSU ", which since 2008 is under the authority of the FSB [7].

By the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region dated 02.20.2016 (operative part dated 02.15.2016) in case No. А41-47856 / 15 FSUE State Farm named after XXI Congress of the CPSU was declared insolvent (bankrupt). At the same time, the rights to lease the garden were sold at an auction to a certain LLC Capital-Estate back in 2013.

Despite the repeated appeals of citizens to various authorities, as well as the presence of a resolution of the prosecutor's office dated 09.12.2016 No. 7123-5698-2015 / 225540, obliging Capital Estate LLC to ensure free passage of residents to the garden, access is closed. Moreover, if at the entrance through the southern gate to tell the guard about the decision of the prosecutor's office, then they are allowed to go through. This fact also further confirms that the garden is not currently a regime object.


Ponds in the design of modern summer cottages are very popular. Different sizes and shapes, natural and made on the basis of ready-made containers, purely decorative or inhabited by various aquatic animals - whatever they are! It all depends only on the imagination and capabilities of the amateur gardener.

Probably the secret here is the attraction of the water. It is so nice to relax in the silence by the pond in the summer heat. Watching dragonflies fluttering over the water or admiring the reflections in the pond, we feel harmony and find inner balance.

A successful pond does not require much care from its owners, but in order for it to become such, it is important to follow all the rules for its creation. Ponds from A to Z, from planning to care - the content of this section. Supplement it with your interesting publications and photographs, and if you still have a pond in your plans, ask experienced summer residents about everything that interests you: materials and technologies, choosing a place and planting plants, decorating the banks and settling fish in a summer cottage. Join the discussion of one of the most interesting summer cottage topics!

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